*Snapshots Across America-Homeschool Edition-Save 20%

*Snapshots Across America-Homeschool Edition-Save 20%

Snapshots Across America
Homeschool Expanded Edition

20th Anniversary Sale
SAVE 20%

Snapshots Across America base game plus includes the Snapshots: American Historical Sites Expansion Deck of 32 additional cards..

Travel across a game-board map of the United States to visit top tourist attractions from all 50 States. But watch for Bad Weather, your vacation can be spoiled by a tornado, snow storm, hurricane or other disaster. Includes the base deck of 124 plus the 32 card American Historical Sites Expansion Deck (total of 156 cards).

Great for helping teach families U.S. Geography as well as about many great Landmarks, National Parks, Museums, National Monuments, Memorials, Historical Sites, and many other fun and educational attractions all across America.

New 2015 Edition Features:

Larger base deck of 124 cards with larger pictures.
Color coded Bad Weather, Transportation and Travel Cancel cards.
Compact box.
Updated rules and easier to understand instructions.
Wider game-board map of the United States

Plus includes the 32 card American Historical Sites Expansion Deck.

on the Educational Edition:
Includes the Game and
32 card U.S. Historical Sites Expansion Deck


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